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Sunshine, Foliage and Joy. Oh, My!

Ever wonder how many photos a photographer takes during a session? My family session package promises 25 photos, so maybe you would assume I would take 30, maybe 50 photos at most? For some photographers that may be accurate.

For me? Well, at my latest session I took 902 photos during the 60 minutes we were hanging out together. 902! And the one before that was 734. I think the least number of photos I've taken during a family session was low 500s.

You may ask, "but why is that many photos necessary?" Well, I'll admit 902 may be a little excessive, but I have a fear of missing the moment. See, here at Widmeyer Photography, it's important that I capture interaction, joy, and true emotion in your photos. I will pose you and tell you to say "cheese!" a couple times, because I haven't met anyone who doesn't want that traditional holiday card photo. BUT, the majority of the session will be filled with prompt based poses (ex: "tickle fight!") where I can capture the love of your family in real time. So, I just click, click, click, 902 times my last session, which guarantees I can get a shot like this one:

Or some like these, too.

I can't help but smile when I look at these pictures. James's son Gabe had the most infectious smile and taking 902 pictures helped ensure that energy and joy was accurately frozen in time. His energy (and the candy his Dad told me he ate before they came!) had him running and moving and hugging and calling all the shots. He was so into the games we played, especially my version of red light, green light. He added in so many of his own colors, even he couldn't remember what to do when I called them out! On black we do what now? (I think it was walk like a mouse).

Getting the posed shots was tricky with this kiddo, because he was so pumped up! So taking 902 photos also guaranteed that I got a couple of him just smiling and looking at the camera. Since he was running the show, I never knew when those moments would come. Trying to narrow down 902 pictures was totally worth it to get these gems.

James has his hands full with this little guy, in the most amazing way! They were both so awesome to work with and I hope I have the honor of capturing their love and joy again!

Are you ready to book a family session with Widmeyer Photography? Click here to contact me so we can get you on the calendar!

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