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Beauty is All Around Us

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

As I have mentioned before, not having grown up in Connecticut, I don't know all the hot spots, or hidden beautiful locations. So while my list of favorite shooting locations is growing, I still always ask my clients if they have a place in mind. Adventuring and experiencing new places is one of my favorite things about this gig! So when the Melchionno family suggested a park I had never been to in North Haven, I was totally game.

Even if I have shot at a location before, I always arrive 30-45 minutes early to scope the place out and get a feel for the best nooks and crannies that will fit my plan for the session. And I am so glad I did that with the location we chose for Jennifer and her family, since I had never been there before! While it was a great location, I quickly realized there were some obstacles we would need to work around. For example, because the weather was so nice the day of our session, there were a lot of people there! Having an audience can make families nervous when having photos taken, so I wanted to find some more secluded spots for the Melchionno family, at least until everyone felt comfortable. Second, the way the sun was setting, put a parking lot in the background if I wanted the water too, so I knew I had to be strategic with the angle I shot at, but also how I placed my subjects. Finally, a recent tornado had done some damage to the trees in the park, so I was also looking for locations that wouldn't include some of the downed wood. But beauty can be found everywhere and and look at these great spots we used!

When Jennifer reached out to me, I learned that she and her family had not had professional photos taken since their daughter was 1 years old! Jennifer's sister was a previous client of mine and after viewing her aunts photos, Jennifer's daughter really wanted to get photographed! So, although Jennifer wanted some family shots, she wanted me to focus mostly on McKayla. Which I was totally happy to do! And McKayla? Well she was a natural in front of the camera!

While preparing for her family's session, Jennifer shared some of the typical anxieties I hear from many of my clients. She was worried about how she looked (isn't everyone?!), worried it would be awkward and uncomfortable, and generally just didn't want to be in front of the camera. But I assured her I'd take care of it. And look how wonderful she looks! I'm not sure what she was worried about! We were definitely able to capture her beautiful natural smile.

The whole family was such a pleasure to work with, I'm so thankful to have met them! Ready to have the beauty of your family or senior captured? Book a session with me! I can't wait to become friends.

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