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Don't Smile!

Try it. Look at these pictures and try not to smile.

You can't do it, right? The laughs and smiles of the Querker family are infectious! My cheeks hurt when this session was over from all the laughing we did! Which is one of the reasons I was so excited to photograph Robin and her family; I knew it would be so much fun.

Robin is one of the sweetest people I know. Her heart is so big and she is so caring and giving; always putting others before her self. That is true in her job and also with her family and friends. Her personality just bubbles over and smiles abound when anyone is around her. And that is really what I wanted to capture in their family photos. Love. Joy. Laughs. Compassion.

I wasn't sure if we were going to get this session in before Fall ended. We had to reschedule a couple times because her little guy became sick and we were waiting to find out if it was COVID (it wasn't!). Then both our schedules got busy. But when she texted me on Sunday morning and asked me if I was free in an hour, I said absolutely! It was a super unseasonably warm day, so we stuck to the shade, which worked out great for lessening the harsh mid morning light.

I was so impressed when I saw the wardrobe they pulled together on short notice. Even more impressed when Robin told me it was her husband, Adam, who planned the outfits! How handsome are AJ and Adam in their matching jackets?! If he ever wants a change in career, I'll hire him as client wardrobe consultant!

Sometimes, the best things are unplanned and that would stand true for the Querker family photo session. Ready to have your family's love and joy captured? Reach out to me and let's schedule your session!

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