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There's No Such Thing As Too Far

Growing up, we drove a lot. My dad loved to be on the road. We also moved around a lot which meant we were constantly traveling to see family. It was a regular occurrence to spend four hours in the car on a Saturday to visit my grandparents. So when Christina suggested we go to Fairfield Hills in Newtown, the drive didn't scare me! In fact, compared to the 12 hour drive we make to go out to Ohio, 60 minutes on a Saturday morning was really nothing.

When Christina and I decided on a date for her family photos, we both also agreed that we wanted as much fall goodness as we could find. My clients have been so great coming up with awesome photo locations for me. I'm a Connecticut transplant and sometimes need help getting to know the state! Christina's suggestion of Fairfield Hills was spot on. I mean, look at this beautiful tree covered path! It was all my magical fall dreams come true.

I asked this beautiful Mama and her sweet family to be picture ready for 730 am. And she delivered! I mean look at that amazing dress she found! And Austin in his cute button up? I was in heaven capturing these three.

But don't let these posed photos foul you. Little A was a mover! He wanted to spend the whole session run, run, running. And really, I couldn't blame him because I wanted to run through the leaves, too! And really, when kids are Austin's age, I get the best smiles out of them when they are in control; so run we ALL did!

Christina was worried about how active Austin was, but I reassured her I'd still get some great shots. And anyways, I'm in the business of capturing life as it's naturally happening. And for the Renzoni's, right now, that looks like chasing after a little man with the cutest cheese smile!

Do you have some kiddos you'd like to wrangle for family photos? Contact me! I promise it will be fun for everyone :)

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