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Smith Family New Home

There's something so exciting about moving into a new home! Even if it's the same town or neighborhood, a new home signifies a new beginning. As someone who moved around A LOT as a child (10+ times, and no we weren't a military family), I know the joy and excitement that comes with unpacking in a new place.

So, when Nick and Sarah reached out to have me capture their love inside their new house, I couldn't say no! Everything about the session was beautiful, from the home, to their newly renovated kitchen (#goals!), to their sweet dog, Harvey; it was one of the easiest sessions I've done. Nick and Sarah were up for being a little goofy and a little mushy, which is my favorite, and came with some of their own ideas about shots they wanted to get! And to top it off, Sarah was pregnant during the shoot (unbeknownst to us!). They will be welcoming a sweet baby boy in February!

Looking to get updated family photos? Have an event coming up you don't want to forget? Head over to my website to see how I can help! It would be my honor!

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