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Shattuck Family Newborn Session

Like so many things, it started with a Facebook post. I saw a picture of a beautiful pregnant mamma at the beach and I thought, "I need to get her in front of my camera!" Sarah and I are fellow football moms, with Fifth grade sons who have become friends. We didn't stay in touch much through the winter and Spring (hello, COVID!), but when I saw a photo she posted of herself 7 months pregnant, I knew we needed to reconnect!

A little over a month after I took maternity/family photos for Sarah, she invited me back to capture her family again with their sweet new addition, Brody. Cute. Tiny. And full of energy! This kiddo didn't want to miss a thing and was awake for our whole hour long session (despite multiple feedings and lots of shushing!) I wouldn't have wanted it any other way; To see the interaction between the family was the sweetest! People who know me well know I'm not a huge baby fan, but this guy may have won me over.

Enjoy these favorite images from our session!

Looking to get updated family photos? Have an event coming up you don't want to forget? Head over to my website to see how I can help! It would be my honor!

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