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Look at the Person Who...

...has the stinkiest feet! That was the question that created the magic below. I love playing

that game with families during photo shoots because it helps them forget about the camera and think about each other. And when I throw in questions about stinky feet (or farts!) it's a no fail way to get great smiles.

And the smiles were abound during the Crawford family session this past weekend. If you have been following my blog, you know by now that I love play. My goal is always to create an environment where the kids have fun. Because if the kids are having fun, then Mom and Dad aren't stressing about the smiles. And through play, those smiles come naturally. I'm not sure if James and Debbie were fully prepared for the amount of fun (and sometimes craziness) I would encourage with their kiddos, but hopefully after viewing their gallery, they agree it was all worth it! Here are a couple more from this weekend to illustrate my point.

In addition to all the playing we did, this session was awesome for another reason. James and I work together during my day job. He has shared pictures and cute stories with me about Grace and Tommy since the day they were born, but I had not met them until now! It was really fun to see a different side of James than I see at work and to put personalities to the kiddos I've heard so much about. And in case you were wondering, they were just as awesome as they have always sounded.

The one thing I could not get over was the amazing sibling bond between Grace and Tommy. They were so patient with each other and showed nothing but love! One minute Tommy would be squeezing Grace and the next minute Grace would be tackling Tommy and the only reaction from both of them was laughs! It's not exactly like that between my own kiddos so I was in awe. Their sibling-ship is so sweet; James and Debbie are really doing something right with those two!

After a busy day of sessions on Saturday, the Crawford family was just what I needed. If you've been thinking about updating your family photos, I would love for you to come play with me! Contact me to learn more.

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