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I Need Moore in My Life!

When I started on this photography journey, as I was taking classes and learning about portrait photography, I began making a mental list of family and friends I really wanted to get in front of my camera. The Moore family was on that list. Lanna and I have been colleague friends for several years now, so I have met and hung out with her family several times. Therefore, I thought I knew how sweet, loving and fun they were and I wanted to capture those traits.

We tried out yet another new location and once again, I fell in love. I have been driving past this old golf course for 7 years now and when thinking of locations close to home for Lanna and her family, I immediately thought of this place. It had amazing golden hour light, the best overgrown grass areas and even a small view at the top! Check it out for yourself.

Because I've known Lanna for several years, I also knew she would be fully prepared, even though I only gave her 5 days to prep! But in true Lanna fashion, she had the girls prepped with what to expect, the whole family had perfectly coordinated outfits and they were perfectly on time. She even brought M&Ms just incase things got rocky. The littlest Moore family member needed some coaxing (aka M&Ms) in the beginning, but quickly learned that family photos can be fun! The whole family was a dream to photograph; so natural in front of the camera.

I thought I knew the Moore family before I took their photos, but I know so much more about them now. As a friend, when hanging out with a family, you become part of their interactions, which obviously changes the dynamic. But as a photographer, you get the pleasure of watching the interactions from the outside. I feel so honored to have been able to watch the loving and trusting bond shine through with this family. They are truly beautiful inside and out!

I would also feel honored to get to know you and capture the unique personality of your family. Reach out to me so we can get your family session scheduled today!

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