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Glitz. Glamour. And Good Friends

A few months ago I was approached about shooting a group of friends during their weekend away. It's not really what I do, but it sounded like fun so I said yes. What I didn't know then was that I would get to spend 2 hours with a fun, inspiring, motivated group of ladies who are beautiful inside and out!

It also wasn't just a weekend away! When I got there I realized it was a business convention for their company Monat! They sell some amazing skin and hair products and over the weekend they launched a wellness line! The ladies were full of energy about the awesome steps their company was taking and it came out in the photos!

I worked with Jessica to set up the shoot and I wanted to make sure each woman had the opportunity to get some head shots. Many of them didn't want to do it! However, they were dressed to the nines so it would have been a missed opportunity. Looking at the end product, I'm sure none of them regretted it! I made sure to tell them exactly what to do, how to stand, when to smile, which helped make everyone more comfortable in front of the camera.

Check out some of my favorite shots from Friday night! Do you have a milestone or event your looking to remember forever? Let me help preserve those memories with my camera. Contact me so I can let you know how I can help.

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