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Cue the tears...

My youngest started Kindergarten this week. I have no idea how we got to this place already! It seems like just yesterday we were rocking her to sleep. But here we are. And although I could use another year or two before this milestone hit, she is SO ready! She has been dancing around the house and singing, "I'm ready for Kindergarten!" all weekend. It's so comforting to see how excited she is, especially because she's my super shy kiddo. Transitions with new adults (or old), even if it's just after a week vacation or long weekend, have always been tricky for her.

One big difference is that we waited an extra year to enroll her in Kindergarten. She will be entering at the age of 5, turning six. She has a December birthday and made the Connecticut cutoff by literally, 12 hours. But, she has always been on the small side (5th percentile, anyone?) and super shy, so we knew holding her back was the best decision. And it shows in the confidence and excitement she has for this next chapter, that it was the right decision.

But we did the complete opposite for my son, who started 5th grade, (which is middle school where we live) this week. He also has a December birthday and made the cutoff by 6 days. Unlike his sister, he was always taller for his age (95th percentile here!) and while he was shy too, we say him grow out of it much quicker. So we sent him when he was 4 years old, turning 5, and we have never looked back. For him, it was the right decision.

And that's really the key- you need to base the decision on what is best for YOUR child. Not what the school district says, not what research shows, what you know your child can handle. It will be different for every parent, for every kiddo.

Anyways, to celebrate this momentous event in my daughter's life, we went out and of course, took some photos! She LOVES the camera (as long as she's well fed and well rested) and was rocking these pictures. All the posing was led by her and she nailed it.

Do you have a special event coming up? Or maybe you are in a season of life that you just don't want to forget. Reach out to me so we can work together to capture those memories forever.

Have Pre-K student? Keep an out in August next year for some Kindergarten mini sessions!

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