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Congratulations 2021 Seniors!

I really love photographing seniors. Something about seeing how proud they are to be in this season of their lives really gets me. I enjoy seeing their personalities blossom in front of the camera, no matter how shy they may be feeling at the beginning of the session.

This definitely held true for my senior session with these twin Cheshire High School seniors. Austin and Garrett were great to work with! While their mom, Stephanie, shared that Garrett is usually the more outgoing of the brothers, it was Austin who really got into the shoot! Despite this, we got some handsome shots of both boys; and I made their parents jump in at the end despite their protests. I believe we should never skip the opportunity to get a family photo!

Taking these photos in their backyard and incorporating a childhood photo of the boys really made this session special. Stephanie requested I get a photo of the boys posed, back-to-back as this has been a go to pose for the boys over the years. Stephanie was able to find a picture of them when they were about 7 years old, in this pose, and it became a sweet photograph. I love incorporating meaningful details like this into my sessions!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Do you have a high school senior? Senior photos are for so much more than the yearbook; this may be the last time they are professionally photographed before they get married! Senior sessions are designed to capture your senior's personality, likes and dislikes, and let their true beauty shine. Head to my contact page to book a session for your senior today!

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