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Ahhh, Golden Hour

Golden hour is a sacred time for a photographer. There is no better lighting for natural light photography than that during golden hour. What exactly is golden hour? It's the hour before the sun goes down, when the light is orange, and glow-y and magic. The light being emitted from the sun is soft and there is no worrying about harsh shadows or blown out bright spots. It's magical.

With that being said, as a family photographer, it can be hard to make golden hour work; especially when young kiddos are involved. For one thing, during the months were the temperature is bearable to be outside, golden hour is late! In July or August, golden hour doesn't even start until 8pm. And on the other side, who wants to get up and be photo ready for 5am?! While that might be ideal for your youngest loves, everyone else would likely be a grouch.

But this past weekend, we found golden hour magic. That is the best thing about fall. The temperature is ideal, The scenery is full of vibrant colors. And golden hour starts just after dinner. Specifically, for this shoot with Rebecca's family, we began a little after 530.

So, lighting, check.

This photo session also happened at a new location that I am now in love with. Let's have all the sessions here from now on! One of the things I loved about it, and that is really important for families, is it offered variety and activity. Locations that allow exploration and movement and curiosity allow for the perfect combination of candid, posed and totally natural shots. And that is the best way I've found to tell your family's story.

So, location, check.

But more important than both of those is connection. As a family photographer, I strive to capture the natural connection and love each family has. Because what is a picture if there is no emotion behind it? Luckily, on this night, the emotion was all joy.

So, connection, check.

It was all around a perfect session that I am so thankful to have been a part of! Even more thankful that my family can call this family our great friends!

If you are looking for a comfortable, fun and beautiful family session to update your family photos, reach out to me! I promise it will be the most stress-free thing you schedule this season.

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